Discover Your Own Personal Heart Power to Create the Life You Desire!

Imagine a life rooted in self-love regardless of what’s going on around you—where your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are love-focused instead of fear-based. What if you could live like that? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Personal Heart Power byvisionary leaders Michelle Marie and Grace Lynn provides you with a framework to live a life of inspiration, joy, and peace. You’ll learn how to shift from a fear-based to a love-focused life whenever you feel challenged or overwhelmed.

Gaining awareness of the various aspects of your Personal Heart allows you to learn how your current reality is affected by your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The discoveries you make about yourself will empower you to use Personal Heart practices to create your desired path, rooted in love, and then to follow it.

This isn’t just a book with inspirational stories; it contains a fresh and practical toolbox filled with Personal Heart Tools to:

  • Support your ability to manage everyday challenges and stress
  • Find relief from your anxiety, disappointment, and loneliness
  • Feel more joy, hopefulness, and love

As you build a connection between your calm mind and open Personal Heart, you’ll find yourself living—and thriving—in the love-focused life you desire! You will be living with your Personal Heart Power!

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